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      Pretty Bird

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      Pretty Bird!

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      Petr Nowak

      I don’t see any major problem. The bird is in focus. Green grass diagonal lines seems ok (it doesn’t disturb, cos it out of focus mostly, only stem on the top right takes maybe a little bit more attention). Bright stones in background takes my attention maybe too much.

      So I’d probably darken backgroud a little bit and/or add vignette.

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Mandy,

      When you show images in the ST, it is customary to add the Exif data. Camera, lens, focal length, ISO, SS, and aperture. So we know what you did and that helps us to help you.

      I don’t agree with Petr. I think the focus is just a hair off. It is on the twigs the bird is sitting but not on the eye. You could add some sharpness to the eye and that will make it a bit better. The feathers are a bit smudgy, not much detail.
      A vignette might help as well. But still, IMHO, it only improves it marginally.

      When you do this kind of photography you set yourself an enormously difficult task.
      I do not know anything about bird photography, I do not have a long enough lens and more importantly, I do not have the skills and stamina to wait for the right moment.
      Hopefully our bird Master Tobie can help you better.

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      Kent DuFault

      The red areas of the head appear over-saturated to me.

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      With animals or people, you should really try to get on their eye level. Not always possible, but usually desirable.

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