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      Sarthak Choudhary


      iso 1600



      1/125 s

      Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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      Maybe bring up the exposure on the face a little and kick up the clarity a bit more cos it seems slightly soft (but for some reason I can only see the small version)

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        Hi Rob @admin, the viewing issue has happened to me over time and i found if i right click on the picture and open in a new tab it usually comes up great and a lot of times can even be further enlarged. Which is what i did with this one.

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      Hi Sarthak:  i agree this is a little soft over all. perhaps a little more playing with your camera settings would have helped. you were using your 300 mm lens, was it fully extended? if it was only about half way extended you might have been able to increase the shutter speed a little bit more. my thought is that to get a little sharper the f stop should be a larger #, at least f/8 and with the bird sitting on the branch you could probably get away with slowing the shutter to accommodate the lighting.

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      Erik Fransman

      I take it that the settings that you mention are the actual settings for the shot.

      With a 300mm it might be good to add if you were using a tripod or handheld.
      I go for handheld. Like the others say, the shot is soft, quite likely because you only used a SS of 1/125. Rule of thumb is minimal shutter speed the focal length that you use (at full frame, so for CMOS x 1,5)
      Also, the exposure is a bit off. I would have exposed for the bird, not the environment.
      You can easily correct that in the post, but you did not.
      I do like the framing but a tab more space between the bird and the tree in the BG would have been nice.

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      Tom M

      for enlargement, right click, click view image for a major zoom(Windows anyway). I wonder why the click enlargement option isn’t set for this photo?



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