Fences in the Fog

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    Robert Apple

    Taken at around 10,000 feet with low cloud cover, so these are more like fences in the clouds. The trees grow twisted up here and what was straight was used by the early settlers to build cabins, and the rest went to fencing and corrals. Posted this in the F challenge as well but originally intended to place it here.

    Fences in the Fog

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    John Thompson

    Very interesting Robert!

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    Erik Fransman

    Great mood Robert.

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    there’s a definite dark and gloomy feeling in this one.

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      Robert Apple

      My wife said the posts were tree zombies.

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    Graham Hart

    Cool (literally) image Robert. I took a similar shot last year which makes me think that ‘Foggy Fences’ would be an interesting challenge were it not for the seasonal apsect barring summer-folks from participating.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    They look like monoliths Robert. I love the mood in this image 🙂

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    Steve Walker

    No matter what else is going in the frame, fog always wins the day. Nice leading line by the fence posts and the shape of the first one does sort of remind me of a standing stone.

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    Sarthak Choudhary

    I like that you provided an intro to the region which also serves as an explanation as to why the log is bent and not straight.

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