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    Okay…here’s your chance for pay back!

    fire pit

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    Frank just like every other image posted here there is NO story other than the one the viewer makes up. Surely in story telling photography the image must show what the story is about. Story telling as per the Good Snappers Guide chapter 3 relies on the viewer seeing what is NOT in the shot and filling in the spaces with creative thinking. I do sincerely love to see the imaginations of some members here at work.

    So what do I see in your shot? No idea mate and only the mildest curiosity to find out what it is about. Knowing full well that all will be revealed sooner or later I can relax and not trouble my imagination brain cells with mere trifles but return to seeking Nirvana via tequila slammers with pickled eggs to aid the digestion

    If you can spare one of those bio hazard suits I would much appreciate it as my dog suffers from chronic and very unsociable wind!

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      Graham Hart

      I have a bottle of tequila that says my dog can out-fart your dog any day of the week. I’m talking paint-peeling flatulence! 🙂

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        Ha has your mutt been put on the most cause for concern list by the UN council dealing with carbon emissions and depletion of the ozone layer? Paint peeling, my lad can strip yacht varnish at 100 paces. He once emptied a hotel ballroom of 100 wedding guests with what those that know him would call nothing more than a minor anal outburst.

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    Graham Hart

    From a critique POV I must agree with our mordant friend Billy on this one Frank, although I’ll deliver my comments from the warmer side of the fire. There isn’t really any story here except the opposing elements of fire and ice…warm and cold.

    A man dressed in warming wet weather gear walking past a fire pit doesn’t really excite the senses to any great heights I’m afraid. This scene could have been ‘worked’ a bit more to find a stronger ‘story’ with perhaps a different angle/perspective…maybe with the man seen through the fire grill behind the flames….I don’t know, I wasn’t there in that moment but you get my meaning.

    I can find no connection between the four elements here, the man, the fire, the stone wall and the back of the chair? The pic seems devoid of any nuance or association which links the parts into a whole, thereby hinting at a story of some sort. Something as simple as a beer bottle perched on that wall would give some meaning to the scene by way of a story. ‘Man returns from cold environment to warmth of fire to resume drinking his even colder beverage’.

    I’m afraid this pic doesn’t work for me.

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    Richard Barnard

    There are a few things I like in the composition, particularly the echo and repeat of curves but I don’t think they are enough in and of themselves to carry the image. Unfortunately the man appears incidental to me and disrupts the flow. The bright colour of his hat jars the eye (maybe that was your intent) and I don’t see any obvious connection or story here.

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    I also feel no connection between the four main elements in this photo, but I guess that’s exactly what grabs my attention – a sense of something strange. The photo feels very desolate and cold, despite the fire. It would make a nice album cover.

    There’s not much that I would change here – but if you want to be a perfectionist, you can lift shadows a bit in the area around fire.

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    To be frank, the only thing that that your image brings to my mind is the memory of the countless times that I have had to leave the piste on a private errand thinking: Now I have to take all those clothes off and then take them on again, just because of approximately 300 ml of fluid. Other than that the image tells me absolutely nothing and I cant see the reason why an accomplished photographer like you is posting it here. Maybe it´s just me who is completely blind.

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      John Thompson

      Very colorful description of a private errand.  I love it Dr. Elin.  For men it is not quite so bad but you have to watch about anything freezing on your boots!! Thank you for that @elax.

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    Well, billspad a google for your Snappers Guide led me to an article entitled “What is the best tasting Grouper” and various links to fishing for red snapper.   Maybe I should have had a fish to put over that fire.

    As to the photo, and comments above, I found I had discovered what I was thinking and what I was feeling (mostly cold) was not what was conveyed in this photo. Ahh…another neophyte failure.

    Anyway, I was standing outside the base lodge waiting for my grandchildren to show up which they never did.  Remarks under the photo only re-enforces what my grand children keep telling me …I am not a good story teller.

    Here is what I was looking at, the overall scene, then I thought of an image maybe the pit with mountains, then this kid walked by and I cropped the image. Things went downhill from there.



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    Never could get an image with pit and mountain.  So I cropped this one.

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    BTW  Here is a true story about a dog with problems like Graham’s mutt.   Remember the books by James Herriot, the British veterinary surgeon?

    An owner of an estate could not stand her dog smells any more, so she gave it to her head gardener  thinking maybe he could solve the problem with a new diet or something.  A week or so later she enquired about the dog.  All was well she was told, so she went to investigate.  She found the problem to be even worse, and she could not understand how the gardener could tolerate it.  It was not until later that she discovered that her head gardener, the one in charge of all her flowers, had no sense of smell.

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    Kent DuFault

    Well as a voice from the other side… I find this image strangely compelling. It’s a combination of the arrangement of the elements, the hidden face, the bright orange cap that appears almost like a mask, the odd clothing, the disingenuous body language… to me I see nothing normal here. This is a serial killer. A disembodied individual who is burning the flesh of his latest victim. Aweeeeee- the power of a vivid imagination. Always something interesting.  🙂

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      Robert Apple

      That is somewhat disturbing, that I may be thinking like you @kent, the first time I saw this I thought if only the orange part was a Shatner mask and he was carrying a axe, but I didn’t comment.

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    Frank I thought when the conversation was more about dogs bowels than your shot then it was obvious in this case you had failed to hit the spot you were seeking. But no true to the Snappers Guide, which states ALL snaps MUST have a story,we get to mad axemen and serial killers. That alone is worth my internet bill for the month!

    Snappers is a billyterm for folks who own cameras. Photographers earn a living with a camera snappers use them for a hobby or fun. Like I can fix a tap washer but I sure aint a plumber! The Good Snappers Guide is my work in progress designed to realign the thinking of those who think owning a camera makes us a photographer. The totally deluded ones carry a sack of lenses around with tons of filters and other unused bits and pieces until its full enough to impress other snappers. Then they go out “on a shoot” consumed by concerns about f stops, back button focus and whether manual mode is best. The sensible snapper grabs a camera dresses casual and wanders around having fun.

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    Hi Frank…………one and only that pisses me off is/are top left hand rocks…………!!

    question……did you post for fun/funny or for your vision………..latter hopefully.

    one for snappers(lacking imagination)two for yourself(your imagination)three for the non snappers…………………..most important is the central one.

    enjoyed and smiled man!! 🙂

    hey hint never show wot was….always show wot is……………………..vision your vision.


    just to get really boring………….image making is not plural…..its singular,as a farmer,plough yer own furrow man

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    Federico Alegria


    I’ve been watching this photograph since you posted here, and after a long reading of it I have just some things to say.

    First of all I only like commenting on photos that I do enjoy watching, and especially if they are “street”, even when this isn’t technically at a street is a street photograph, ergo is a good candid shot. Doing color street photography is hard and this is a great example of a good shot.

    The composition is exquisite, it has heavy weights that are balanced with a rich yet neutral background. I really like how the fire has a direction that opposes the one of the subject. And speaking of the subject, it is in Barthes words, the punctum of the image, especially his helmet.

    Now, about the “storytelling part”, it kind of faded away when I clicked on the shot in order to watch it closer. The thumbnails appears to have some sort of astronaut/cosmonaut since the helmet resembles a face shield. That was the story for me, some sort of guy with a space suit walking near a huge fire, and it was a great story.

    I think that is the trick with this shot, it tells you more when you aren’t able to see it clearer, almost like “truth” in our society.

    Thanks for sharing Mate!

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