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    Tom M

    Just a stone statue from Auburn,NY. Trying to think outside the box a little. What say ye? C&C welcome.


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    Graham Hart

    A most unusual rendering of a classic motif Tom. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this ‘casual conversation’ interpretation before. Ironically, I heard an interview on the radio just yesterday with Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. He was talking about the creative influences for his song “Always Look On The Bright Side Of life”, the closing scene in Life Of Brian. I can’t not hear that tune in my head looking at this pic.

    I think the high key treatment works well in this pic. Life is white. The figures are still a part of the world around them but the darker, grey crosses somehow define their mortality. I like it Tom and after thinking about the crop, I don’t think it detracts at all because the high key effect well and truly overrides what might otherwise have been a concern.

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    Erik Fransman

    Graham, now you’ve done it. Always look at the bright side of life, tada, tada, tadatadata…

    On the Bright side, I like the bright treatment of the image.
    You might try an additional white vignette so the cross at the edged almost disappear. As if they are in the clouds.


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    I like it. Plain and simple.

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    Minor comment only… I might be tempted to clean up the LH side (right at the edge) from about half way to the bottom.  I think it might provide a cleaner lead in.

    Nicely done.

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    Tom M

    Final followup of recommendations…

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    Well, Tom, your latest effort above is very good indeed, the comments have been taken well on board.  I, too, am a mighty fan of “The Life of Brian” – and many similar Monty Python projects and films.  In making these comments,  Graham, Erik and I risk offending —-  where I fervently hope that none is intended.

    One very small point, the inner curve of the right cross has “orange?” debris.  I would attempt to remove, as to me it is an eye-catch, together with a small area lower left of it, which had reds and greens.  Not much at all, however, if you want to aim for perfection ………. then not much processing time involved.

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    Tom M

    Thanks. No offense taken. I tried getting rid of all the debris. I think the”orange” debris is the edge of the cross(maybe). The other green is the bleed through of the grass that was in the original photo. Hard to remove it, but shouldn’t be impossible in LR where all the edits were made. Might be easier in Photoshop for some, but I’m still learning PS. Thanks…


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      For the editing Tom….

      in LR enlarge the photo view in the ‘Navigator’ to 4:1 or higher (8:1 or 11:1) will enlarge the view.

      Select the ‘HSL’ panel and select the ‘Saturation’ tab….  click on the ‘auto picker’ (the little ‘bullseye’ in the upper LH corner of the tab);

      Then place it on top/over the orange color… then drag it so the applicable colors become unsaturated.

      Nice image!


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    Anne Hornsby

    I really like this, Tom!   Helpful tips for editing, Paul.

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