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      I have a mate who owns a commercial studio a few minutes walk from where I work. We occasionally work on a new concept in our lunch breaks.

      ‘This was created in a single exposure, 1.6 seconds. The strobe used is a neewer Vision 4 on stroboscopic mode (15 flashes @ 15 Hz)

      the ball was bounced on a sloping table, then the camera triggered remotely  the camera is at the same tilt as the table.



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        Graham Hart

        What a blast. Like seeing physics in action. Like to see shots like these with multiple cascading balls at differing trajectories. The possibilities are endless.

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          I was thinking coin toss, but I am so going to try this as well!


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      Robert Apple

      That’s a cool idea David.

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      John Thompson

      Very cool David

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      What an interesting concept … looks fun too … cool results

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Awesome David. I like the 3D feel in the second image 🙂

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      You have awesome techniques David and this is another good one.

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      Thanks all – was a bit of fun to break up the work day. 🙂


Viewing 7 reply threads
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