Garlic Farmer in Athens

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      Mariah Gauthier

      Shot this photo while strolling around Athens. There is something intriguing here, but I’m afraid I missed the mark but not getting his face in the frame.

      What do you think? Is there anything here?

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      Graham Hart

      Despite very nice colour, light and DOF, I agree Mariah that you perhaps just missed the mark. The faceless side-on view of him pretty much negates any impact he has which leaves the rest of the image to hold our interest and there isn’t quite enough there to accomplish this. The focus, being the vendor and his wares, seem a bit thin in the overall composition IMHO. Two alternatives;

      1. Perhaps a wider shot would’ve upped the context of the story by bringing the environment more into play? As it is, there is a strong focus on him but he remains anonymous.
      2. A square crop to remove the empty space on the right because the second string of garlic feels unecessary. Not sure what you think?
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      Tom M

      Yeah, afraid you’re right, just not enough interest here. And what face you have is in dark shadows…



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      Petr Nowak

      Like others have said: the face is in the dark, some major story is missing. I’d try different angle to include the environment more (I dont like cars in shot and I always try to avoid them, however here they could serve as a counterpoint i.e. old street sale in contrast to modern city around… ?).

      Otherways the light and colors are fine.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Technically a good photo but nothing going on to make me want to give it a second glance.  It’s hard be interested without a face.  I don’t care much for the cars either but there are ways to use them in a composition, check out Helen Levitt.

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      Federico Alegria

      Hi there Mariah, this seems like a street scene with potential so I’ll give you my best intended comments and critique. Make sure that your shot is in focus at the proper place when framing, sometimes the adrenaline of shooting on the streets could derive our decisions and forget about focusing on the subject. Here back-focusing makes the photograph less powerful. For further shots, you need to get closer, don’t be afraid of it! The colors in this shot are beautiful and a closer yet wider framing was the best way to go. Also here we are missing the man’s face and hands which makes the reading of the photo a bit too bland. Lenny gave you a valuable advice, you need to check out Helen Levitt’s work, you’ll be incredibly inspired by here shots.

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        Bruce Gordon

        Well said Federico. I find I tend to get very self-conscious doing street photography, which causes me to forget technical aspects, and not getting close enough to capture real emotion or story.

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