German Humor?

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    Erik Fransman

    Photographed in Pfronten, the very south of Germany on the Austrian border.
    I know this is not a torture machine, although it looks like it.
    Am I the only one bothered by this, or should I consider this as German humor?
    (I can see the humor, a bit black, but humor all the same…)
    Click for bigger.

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    Graham Hart

    It’s a lot of work for something with no purpose so it must do something?
    What that is, I haven’t the faintest idea but the clue is a bit of a worry!

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    Rob Eyers

    The blue and red machine is a Mengele (German farm equipment manufacturer) self loading forage wagon.

    No idea what the green implement is used for but it has a PTO (power take off). Would be interesting to know,

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    Dave Watkins

    The name Mengele is disturbing enough. As in Josef Mengele. The Angel of Death. Have no idea if it’s the same family. Interesting looking piece of farm machinery none the less.

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    A wild guess as a Dairy/dirt farmers son. ..I say the green thing is a machine to scoop something like hay into rows, two arms lay down either side and the pointy things scoop it into a row for the wagon to pick up and load into the trailer. Just a side note, All Farm Equipment is a torture machine, any farm boy can tell you that…. ;))

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    John Thompson

    Erik I share your humor.  It made me laugh out loud!!  Thanks for posting

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    I think Craig is correct. The part of the machine at the front gathers the loose vegetation and forms a swath/row so that it can be gathered at the rear of the main machine and loaded into the trailer. While the video Rob posted has the ‘loading’ portion of the machine at the front, it looks like the trailer travels ‘over’ the swath/vegetation and then is loaded into the trailer at the rear.

    Somewhat of a combination of Rob’s video and this one. Only this video shows the ‘green implement’ spreading the swaths/vegetation vice gathering it and putting it into a row/swath.

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    German has 48 ways to end an adjective, but no word for “funny.”

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      Very “lustig” Rob Wood.

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        chris pook

        You hear about the Lufthansa air hostess?

        ‘You may now fasten your seat belts.  I only vont to hear von clunk!’

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    Erik Fransman

    Thank you John for getting the joke. And Dave, you are right, the name is disturbing enough. That is what triggered me to make the picture.
    All others, the post was obviously not meant to find out which farming equipment this was, but thanks anyway. Now we know.

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    Rob Eyers

    Yeah sorry Erik…IMHO that’s not a subject for humor. The reality is just too horrific.

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