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      Robert Apple

      On a snowy day 10 plus years ago my wife and I drove over the Bighorn Mountains above Buffalo Wy. We had no Idea how this trip would forever change our lives.
      It all started that morning with a call from a rancher we had met a few months before. She had a litter of English Shepherd pups that were all spoken for, but one of the ranchers that was going to take one of the males had backed out and there was one available. We were in Montanna at the time and made a 200 mile detour to pick him up.


      I have been in ranching and farming most of my life and have been around countless dogs. They have been some of  my best freinds and companions. This one was though was some how different, from the time he was a pup, always attentive, looking you in the eye, incredibly intelligent learning most chores and tricks usually witin an hour. And very affectionate not only with us but with every one he met.


      He worked as hard as he played and had the same enthusiasm for chasing a stick as he did for moving cows, or carrying firewood to the campfire or ranch house. He always let us know if there was a predator or dangerous snake around often blocking our way until we got the message. Twice he defended me against animal attacks standing down a mountian lion and later a charging brown bear. Both times protecting me from what easily could have been serious injury or even death. When I was pinned under a flipped four wheeler he grabbed my coat and help me pull myself out. During some serious health issues he stayed by my bedside for three days only leaving to go outside and releave himself and immediatly barking to get back in. My wife even had to feed him in the room because he wouldnt leave my side.

      On a freezing winters day in a snow storm When my wife slipped and broke her ankle several hundred feet from the house he stood beside her and barked until he got my attention and I came out to find her.
      Always at our sides whether working or relaxing, sitting at my feet or more often beside me with his head on my knee, when we relaxed for the night, always loking into my eyes, so connected.


      I have had many good dogs over the years but that just doesn’t cut it here. To say he was a great dog doesn’t do it either.

      Today we made that same drive over the Bighorn Mountains, again, in a snow storm. Jack riding in the back seat of the truck where he had rode so many time before, this trip though was to the creamatorium in in a small Wyoming town just a few miles from where he was born. His battle with cancer had ended this morning, beside him rode our old house cat of 25 years who we lost the same day.


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      Graham Hart

      Robert, I write this through a fog of misty eyes barely holding it together. I’m deeply touched. Such a wonderful tribute you’ve paid to your workmate, companion and friend. The memories you have will last a lifetime. You were blessed to find him and he was blessed to find you…some things were meant to be. He was a beautiful dog with a rare soul. Thoughts are with your family. Vale Jack. To lose your cat at the same time is an immensely cruel twist of fate.

      I had just got home from work and popped the top on a nice Shiraz before reading your post. I raise my glass of red to you and yours with heartfelt condolences.

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      I couldn’t answer this when I first read it, I couldn’t see. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a pet/friend, you’ve written a beautiful tribute to him, condolences.

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      Rob Eyers

      A lovely tribute to your best friend Robert. You were lucky to have each other. So sorry for your loss.

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      I am So very sorry for your loss Robert.

      Beautiful tribute Robert  ,  Thoughts are with your family and all who knew Him.



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      Dave Watkins

      A very touching and wonderful tribute you’ve shared with us all. An incredible loss that is difficult to put down in words and you’ve done it beautifully. So sorry for your loss Robert. You have wonderful memories to remember him by and the sorrow will ease over time. RIP Jack.

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      John Thompson

      I am so sorry Robert.  I know your grief.

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      Kent DuFault

      I feel your pain and your story brought tears. I’m very sad for you my friend.

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      chris pook

      Hi Robert, very sorry to hear of the parting of such a wonderful companion.  Condolences.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks for all your thoughts and comments everyone. He was truly a special dog. I have a friend that trains military and police service dogs and he has this saying about how dogs are much like people, they have different skills and aptitudes, Some are just pets, and some “Have the Right Stuff” , he used to say that dog of yours is firing on all cylinders, I wish I had 10 just like him. It was a tough loss he really was one of a kind.

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      Tom M

      Very endearing tribute Robert. Slowly reading through this, I knew what was coming, and I felt your love for this animal. Very well wrote. Sorry for your loss…

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      John Teate

      Sending my warmest condolences.  This was a wonderful tribute and sweet photos of your fur friend.  Always remember, gone from your sight but never from your heart.

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      I love dogs and specially collies/sheep dogs…………..feel for you both!

      he looks a right loyal character 🙂

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      Touching tribute Robert.  I love the picture of him with the chunk of wood in his mouth.  Just remember it’s not goodbye, rather ’till I see you again.  My sincerest condolences.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Sorry for your loss Robert. He is a truly special dog.

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      so sorry for your loss robert.

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      Robert, I am so sorry for your loss! I cannot see as I write this as my eyes are filled with tears and my heart aches for you and your wife during this difficult time. Blessings to you my friend.

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      Bruce Gordon

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Your loving tribute has touched all of us. Thank you for sharing your love, and grief, for your friend. It reminds us all of what is truly important in this short life. Be well.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Again to everyone who commented since my last Post, Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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      A beautiful dog, one of a kind, the world so much poorer without him. I am so very sorry for your loss Robert.

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      Wow, that is rough mate. I am so sorry to hear it.

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