Grabbing Marwa

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    chris pook

    Grab shot at a BBQ with my local staff.  The adorable Marwa.  Just a grab shot.

    GFX50s & GF 32-64mm F4, 1/50th, f5.5, ISO 3200, 64mm

    Edited in LR, conversion to bw with Silver Efex Pro 2.


    and SOOC


    I like it though.  I wonder what you think to the treatment?  Worth the effort?  It reminds me of the shot of George Clooney in a Pirate Hat.  Unlike GC no champagne was consumed in the production of this photograph.  😉

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    Graham Hart

    Chris I absolutely love the conversion! When I first saw the B&W, I wondered what the original looked like and then as I scrolled down I saw it and was even more blown away with the result of your treatment. In colour, it’s a great snap capturing a moment of happiness in a social gathering but in B&W and with the hi-key treatment, it becomes so much more IMHO. Suddenly, with the BG distraction removed, the entire focus is on her and her joyful emotion. The light and contrasts are spot on and the I think the connection with her also becomes much stronger because it makes me feel like I’m in her company rather than looking on from afar.

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      chris pook

      Thanks Graham.  She is a bundle of joy, this young lady.  As I have said often, probably on here, I have never met with anything other than kindness and friendship in the Middle East, and Iraq in particular.  The reality on the ground and in person is so very different from what we may think it to be, when seen only from afar.  I’m leaving Baghdad and this current role on Wednesday morning, and flying up to Erbil to meet my wife, who is flying in from the UK.  We are then heading up to Dohuk for a Kurdish friends wedding.  It is going to be awesome.  I then leave Iraq for gardening leave, and to look out the next opportunity.  I am sad to be leaving.  Almost 4 years here, and never less than 2,000 staff.  We have put in more than 3 million man days in Iraq while I have been MD, and everyone who came to work went home again.  In Southern Iraq my teams have driven more than 15 million kilometers looking after Basra Gas Company, again without a serious injury.  I’m super proud of the team.  But nothing is forever, and I am on to the next thing.  Not sure what it will be, and I will sure miss my friends here until I get back.  But I am sure I will get back, and I am sure the next chapter will be just as exciting as the last.

      Thanks for the feedback by the way, and sorry for going off topic!  Look out for photos of my lovely friend Aya’s wedding, coming soon.  Best to all.  Chris.  🙂

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        Graham Hart

        Thanks for sharing this Chris. It must be quite a sad time for you after forging such deep bonds through the most unique circumstances imaginable. For me, you have certainly cast a new light on the reality of life in that part of the world as opposed to what we’re fed through the media.

        Good luck in your future endeavours and I’m sure that the friendships you have made will last a lifetime. I can imagine some pretty awesome catchup parties in your future.

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    Very nice work Chris , great skills mate .. like always ;).

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    chris pook


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    Robert Apple

    Great portrait Chris, she has a contiguous smile.

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