Great Falls

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      I confess to some luck here, when a kayaker joined the scene. Thus, I may not be able to retake the photo, though I suppose I could blend him in. I also have a zoomed shot, though I like the full scene more. Anyway, I’d be interested in any advice you wish to offer.Kayaker at Great Falls, VA; ISO 64, 1/640; f/ 5.9

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      Federico Alegria

      This shot wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t for that kayaker, it takes the whole scene to a meaningful state. I really like the colors although I think there are way too saturated (dunno if it is just my screen since they look nicer when seen larger). The crop is just right, and the whole scene is able to be read quite fluidly. Thanks for sharing mate.

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      Kent DuFault

      I agree with Federico.

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      Thanks, both of you. I followed Kent DuFault’s suggestion of changing the blue helmet and jacket to red.

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      Robert Apple

      He definitely added a reference of scale to the photo that otherwise would have been difficult to judge. I agree with Frederico’s analysis.

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