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      Erik Fransman

      I know that the USA and Europe are very different in so many ways and that there are certain subjects that we Europeans think the Americans are totally nuts and stupid (gun control for one) and there are things that Americans think Europeans (well let’s limit is to the Dutch) are out of their mind like Euthanasia. It makes no sense to start a debate on these issues between us because we both are so convinced of being right.

      So this is not a post about gun control or Euthanasia.

      Having said that, I am flabbergasted to read that gun sales have risen to historic heights because the American people are stocking up guns in enormous numbers to prepare for the Corona crisis.
      In Holland, flower sales are up to support the Dutch flower industry (they cannot be exported anymore).
      So you guys buy guns, we buy roses.

      You must be a hell of a sniper if you think you can actually shoot, hit and kill the Coronavirus with a gun. Just saying. 🙂

      Note: Please don’t shoot me, just joking…

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      Kent DuFault

      There is no doubt that we in the United States are a violent nation. We are driven apart by our differences rather than drawn together as government propaganda would like us to believe. I don’t think it was always this way. It seems to have gotten worse in my lifetime and accelerated in the last 25 years. We have lost our kinder gentler self- if we ever had one.

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      Btw I’ve seen today a very sad video on YouTube about flowers being destroyed in the Netherlands right now because of the drop in the demand for flowers 🙁 The place where they have filmed the video really looks like a flower cemetery!

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        Erik Fransman

        Jasenka, the number of flowers destroyed is unbelievable. What we buy is only a fraction of the production. In normal times, more than 95% of all flowers are being exported. No export now so lot’s of flowers that have to be destroyed.

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      Robert Apple

      Well here in Wyoming, where we are a bunch of gun toting conservative sons of bitches.

      Im seeing posts on our local face book page

      Free  Hunter has lots of meat for  those in need, will deliver. There are probably 20 of these a week, wonder what they did with their guns?

      If you cant put food on the table I have a side of beef I will gladly donate to those in need, Ranchers are posting stuff like this daily.

      A woman posted her address saying she moved he WIFI as close to the street as possible and removed the pass word for anyone needing an internet connection now that the library is closed

      The local food pantry is putting together a truck to send to other city’s as the donations have been overwhelming and they have no more room.

      School district doesn’t need any more drivers to deliver school lunches to children at home , they already have over a hundred on the back up list

      Countless retired folks , Seniors offering day care for parents who need to go to work but don’t have day care with the schools closed, and yes I,m sure they know the risk

      There are literally hundreds of posts every day from folks offering to help, and they don’t ask about your politics, race or gender.

      This is my little piece of America where we truly still care about our neighbors and our way of life, where we don’t need the Govt. to take care of us because we take care of each other. Where most of us don’t listen to the news on TV or Facebook.

      And yes we are sold out of ammo, because if things really go south we know we can provide fresh game for  each other.

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      Federico Alegria

      Wow… I really don’t know what to say. This elevates the concept of “us & them” to a whole different level. Thanks for sharing, it seems like some parallel universes kind of thing.

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