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      My photo studio had been neglected as much as my attendance of this forum due to a hard struggle to get my new digital marketing agency off its feet. Our economy is totally stuffed up by the regime that took over in 1994 so no local wants to invest in marketing. The guys overseas are obviously skeptical about trusting their ad spend in the hands of a stranger – who can blame them?

      Anyhow – I had a chance to get behind the camera a little more than a week ago, together with a family of 9. This one is one of my fav’s.


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      No reply on this one? Maybe I should then ask for comments about the tones? I know that my laptop renders colors a touch too warm – what does it look on your side?

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      Hi Tobie, I like the pose, and detail is good, but not sure about the vignette. I’m on my computer, and the colours do look a little too warm for me too.

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      Rob Eyers

      Hi Tobie. I’m with Diane on the pose and detail. As to colour…if the boys shirt is white then the A channel in LAB shows it to be about 2 points too red. After a quick tweak I think it looks a bit better with that adjustment. It’s not overly warm as it is though.

      For me the issue is the vignette. I would like to see if feathered more but the bigger issue is the pure white of the edges. Maybe try using a lightened layer of the background colour for the vignette. I think that would also take away the reference to pure white which should help with the perceived warmth of the image too.

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      Agree with the others on the vignette, but I guess that is a matter of personal taste rather than photographic skill.

      Other than that, I quite like the image. Maybe white balance slightly off, but I think this is one of those shots that the family will treasure forever. And I think that is what we all shoot for.

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      Thanks for all of the remarks, guys. The vignette certainly is a personal thing but I must add that it does not look so ‘strong’ in the printed format. Thanks for the comments on the ‘warmth’ too.

      @reyers, @admin, @tersha

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