hazy shade of winter.

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    i took this one yesterday. we finally got a little bit of snow in TN so i got some quick shots before it melted. used my Sony a6000.


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    A reasonable job faced with a bit of scrubby parkland and a tarmac path as subject matter. The path nicely leads the eye into the picture so pleases the quoter’s of  fota cliches. Makes me feel cold looking at it is another from the book of wise cliches lol. From a creative point of view I would suggest a much lower camera angle, just above ground level possibly. Real fota takers are as tough as Navy Seals so lying in cold wet snow and ignoring damp clothes and chattering teeth is never a problem.

    When I first looked I thought this was a B/W shot. So what happened to the color that must have been there?  The sky looks blown and there is no greenery in the shot and just a few brown sprigs of grass or twigs that look as if they have been desaturated.  If you have the Raw file it would seem as if there is more color information available. If not the shot could have been bracketed and merged in LR.

    Its often the case that a nothing type of scene needs more work to make it a shot worthy of a second glance.

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    Kent DuFault

    I like the mood it captures. Pretty classic textbook composition. It’s missing something (in my opinion) that would take it from okay to excellent. Perhaps a focal point or some piece of action. Of course, and I know this, not every photograph requires a… I’m not sure what the right word I’m looking for is… a super engaging element. However, this does leave me feeling so so.

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    Fotograf de nunta

    Nice capture. I like the tones is the image. Very winterly, if I can say so.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Nice at first glance but it doesn’t hold my attention.  The shot is similar to many other shots.  Like Kent I would like an attention grabber.  Something to make it stand out from the crowd.

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    Bruce Gordon

    This is one of those shots where, if you have a child, dress them in a red jacket and send them running up the path… If you don’t have a child, grab somebody else’s. Or a stray cat. Always carry a red kid’s jacket in your photo pack. And a stray cat. 😉

    I look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for sharing.

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    Robert Apple

    the composition of the shot is a little off for me, I would have tilted the the shot a bit so the trees on both sides of the path would appear to lean over the path, the brush in the fore ground is a bit of a eye snag so walking up the path a bit closer to the tree line would have eliminated that. Could be a bit over exposed looking at the sky. As others have mentioned a focal point at the end of the path would help which could be done in post just by brightening up the trees at the end of the path.

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