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      Erik Fransman

      Well, my home is not in this image, it’s on the next block. But I can still call this home.
      (To be precise, the image is cropped exactly where our home is on the left side)
      Fujifilm X-T3, 16mm, f/5.6, 1/300s, ISO 160.
      Please click for Flicker. Bigger is better.
      Transvaalkade Amsterdam

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      Very busy indeed, Erik, I struggle and fail to find a particular thing or area to hold my interest.   However, on viewing this, I also did see your “No Rush Hour”, which certainly did hold my interest!  You probably have no need to post here (unless you have done so already) as from my slightly extended view, it needs no work  🙂

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      jeeeez i really quite taken with your image…..just maybe crop in from the left,and slightly lighten…………..yeah ! 🙂

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        Erik Fransman

        Thanks Duncan. I think you might be right about the crop.
        It’s my new 16mm lens and I wanted to use all the beef it gives me, but that obviously blurs my objectivity. I will try the crop.

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      Love the reflection and angle.

      Thanks for posting mate.

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      Petr Nowak

      From the technical point of view: overblown windows top-left. Nothing else.

      Great place, nice light. However my feeling is something is missing. Unfortunately I can’t say exactly what. I feel image is a little bit unbalanced. Maybe the bottom left part is too dark. Maybe something to hold my interest is missing (as Mistyisle has said).

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      Erik Fransman

      Thanks, Pat, Peter, Jim. Something is missing… Possibly.
      I will take a look at the overblown windows.

      Did you look at the image at Flickr?
      What I like about the image is the triangle of sky mirrored with the triangle grass and in the middle the trapezium Houses and reflection of the houses in the water.

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