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      Just curious. I treat my gear very badly. I throw it around and it gets used a lot. Half the time I don’t even bother with a lens cap, but I do keep a protective filter on the lens. To me it’s a tool to be used. If it’s not used, it is useless. But I am probably on the extreme end of the “protect my gear” scale towards the “don’t bother” end. I don’t really care about resale value or anything like that.

      What do you guys use day to day? A full wrap inside a bag? Just a wrap? Just a bag?

      And if so, how often do you use your camera?

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      Rob Eyers

      To each their own Rob. For me it’s no extra glass in front of what Canon has engineered into each of my lenses. (Exception=ND or Polarizer when required). I always use a lens hood and always put the lens cap on before storing in a camera bag. I also usually use the lens cap when around salt air. Never had a problem but maybe I’ve just been lucky or I’m not hard on my stuff.

      Have you ever had an issue Rob? Curious why you’ve asked the question.


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      The experience  of braking two of my favourite lenses, one beyond repair, made me more protective of my gear. I use my gear weekly the least, daily in periods.  Change lenses a lot, often in dirty surroundings. Mirrors and sensor cleaned professionally every once in a while. Use lens pouches/bags and waterproof rucksack  when hiking or shooting in the animal houses or the fields – especially nice when climbing into and out of deep ditches, over creeks/rivers etc. I used to buy uv filters together with lenses, now I have stopped doing that, gone over to using lens hoods instead.

      One thing there is no protection against is animal smell. Every spring, by the end of lambing season, my gear is imbibed with the distinctive smell of a sheep-house. Usually it takes about 3-6 months for it to vanish. Personally I don´t mind, but I usually participate in a photo trip by invitation of Canon just after the lambing is over, where I sometimes end up in situations that demand explanations……


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      I always be careful with the small amount of camera gear i own because it simply took a long time saving the money to buy it so try my best to keep it in good order , i always have my lens hood on when using it.

      Every place i visit i walk to get there and normally would put my lens cap on between walking to each location in a given day , doing this HAS cost me a few photo opportunities .. i have missed a few urban foxes crossing the roads early evening and mornings.

      Bottom line for me is take care of my stuff  as it was a struggle to buy it.

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      John Thompson

      Since all of my lenses are bought used I treat them with care.  I have collected a nice assortment of primes.  I do not know how previous owners handled my lenses but I take great care.  No UV filters but lens hoods all the time.  Since much of my photography is “out of my trunk” I use a large padded f64 camera bag (I actually have two).  I bought my D500 new so I know just how much it costs and I cannot afford to replace it.  Whenever I use a backpack I make sure all my gear is protected as much as possible.  Lens caps always!!

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      Dave Watkins

      I pretty much baby my equipment. No protective filters except I did by two fairly pricy UV filters to fit the lenses I will most likely use when/if I’m shooting close to ocean spray. Lens caps always on except for the one on the camera I’m using. Most but not all lenses have hoods. Well padded camera bag when travelling long distance otherwise camera sits on seat beside me.

      When out and about APS-C camera around my neck with strap that came with it. Full frame camera over my shoulder with Peak Design Slide strap. Never really liked carrying a bag so I recently bought a really nice fishing vest with lots of pockets. Love it. Usually carrying two more lenses, pre moistened lens cleaning tissues, micro fiber cloth, rocket blower, extra battery, CPL and ND filters.

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