How to shoot glassware with liquid effect.

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      Mohamed Ali Rajab
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      Cool, so… how did you do it…

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      ”This photo was taking using only 1 light source – Yongnou Flash connected to a HONEYCOMB, pointed backwards to a white wall.
      The WB was set to FLASH, with adding a bit of cold temp to it.
      It is a compilation of 3 shots.
      Shot 1 – The case filled with water with not actions taken whatsoever.
      Shot 2 – The case was taped from the base, to avoid falling down when throwing water on it from the left side.
      Shot 3 – Water was thrown from the right side.
      In Photoshop, the base of shot 2 and 3 were erased to get the non-taped base of the glass.
      In addition to some minor color correction, sharpness, and cleaning some blemishes.”

      info for @malirajab, please post with shot next time, thanks….

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      Mohamed Ali Rajab

      as a new member, i guess i missed some issues.

      @tersha, the info you copied and pasted above, were written under the ” description” category in the photo.
      Thank you for pointing that out.

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      try landscape next time. it kills a lot of impact having side motion that falls out of frame. image appears to cramped in portrait

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      Mohamed Ali Rajab

      You are absolutely right!
      I’ll give it a shot next time.
      The problem i faced here,was with the acrylic base i was using,it wasn;t long.

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