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        I’m most certain I’m doing something. And I find myself in a state of insanity because I’m doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

        First of all, I’m a Mac user, latest version of OSX, iPhoto 09, and Aperture 3. I’m trying to import my iPhoto library into Aperture, but a few issues are occurring:

        One – All of my events are importing, but when I open some of them, there are quite a few photos missing. WHen an event says there are are XXX images, I open it and see none, or 3, or some other number than there should be.

        Two – When I select Import – iPhoto Library, I select the option to store images in the Aperture Library, rather than just having them referenced and kept in their current location. But then Aperture prompts me with an error message saying that it cannot continue import because it requires XX amount of space that isn’t available. No reason that I can see for that, since my Aperture Library is EMPTY, & it’s size, in theory, is purely dependent on the amount of assets containing therein & not fixed to restrict the amount of assets you can keep in the library.

        I know…theres a lot going on. And I KNOW that it’s something I’m not doing, or something I’m doing wrong.

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