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      Taken at 70mms;  ISO800;  1/100sec; f4.0 – resulting in probably the most perfect histogram I have ever seen.  However, since then I have done quite a few adjustments 🙂

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      She is definitely a beauty and I think you have done her justice. One or two little bits of flower that peek around the top of her head maybe pull my eye away from her face a little but not enough that I would change anything. Lovely, Well done. 😉

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      Rob Eyers

      To the viewer’s left, adjacent to her ear there is something in the background that is green. Maybe make it the same colour as the other lighter parts of the background so it’s not an eye snag.

      Other than that I have nothing for you Jim. This is a beautiful portrait of a very pretty lady.

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      That’s a very beautiful portrait and I like its softness.

      I agree with Rob when it comes to the green patch on the left side – it’s a bit distracting, I think it would be good to desaturate it.

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      Graham Hart

      Just a beautiful picture Jim. Love the soft colours and DOF. While considering the green patch, I became more aware of the other vertical streaks of light in the BG too…which aren’t so green, so I agree it is a little eye snag which might be desaturated.

      Wonderful capture!

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      Tom M

      Agree with what Rob and Graham said, and that almost fluorescent flower on the top right of her head is just a little to bright. Beautiful capture though…


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      Lynne Guenther

      Stunning image!

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      Kent DuFault

      Wonderful candid portrait, and she is indeed a world-class beauty!

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      Beautiful model, nice lighting. Just burn the patch of background just above her right shoulder. In fact I’d also burn the hair lock falling down her right shoulder just a touch.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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