Itoh Peonies in evening light.

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      f/6.3, 1/1600, ISO = 400, FL = 46.0mm

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      gorgeous peony.  the light really shows off the layers of petals.

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      This is gorgeous! You captured really well those delicate multi-layered petals.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Greg, the composition, the light and the details work really well. Loving the soft colours too 🙂

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      It’s a beautiful peony (peonie?), but I disagree with everyone. I don’t like the shot.

      The green leaves hanging down from the top are the only things in true focus. They draw my eye away from the flowers. I assume it was windy and that’s why you shot 1/1600, but your autofocus appears to have screwed you by glomming onto those leaves (this looks like a crop from a larger image in which they might have been more central), the back of the flower is very soft. I think the smaller flower at the bottom messes up your composition, as do the gree leaves hanging in front of the blossom, and I think the back of the main flower is too dark. I know you’re all on about the evening light, but a bit of flash would have frozen the motion and allowed more dof.

      Okay, so I’m a curmudgeon.


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        Oh, but you are an incredibly useful curmudgeon. Thanks for your input.

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      Thanks for the input, Ladies. It’s far from perfect, as 3pco aptly points out, but this one made me feel good!

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      Yeah I would be looking for far softer light. Flowers struggle with direct light in photos.

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      Wonderful petals and different hues of color of the flower, but the light is just too harsh, making the whites too blown out.  With full sun like this using a diffuser over the flower will make all the difference.

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