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    Angela Schneider

    Hi, all!

    First-time poster. I’m in the early stages of a pet portrait business and I spend a lot of time using my own dog, a four-year-old Maremma named Bella, as a practice model. This is one of my recent favorites.

    Any  other dog togs out there? Feedback on this shot?

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    chris pook

    Hi Angela, it’s kinda fun and off main stream.  That’s a good thing if you want to stand out from the crowd, develop your own look, and be known and hired for it.  For some reason this does not personally appeal to me, but it’s not my dog, and it’s just a subjective matter of taste.  I’m short on taste.  ;).

    Interesting lighting and processing.  What did you do there?

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    This is a duplication but I do not want to delete it as Chris has already responded. Let’s perhaps reply on the other post to keep all of the comments together? Chris if you could copy & paste your reply to the other post then I’ll delete this one.

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    chris pook

    Done Tobie?

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    Graham Hart

    Like the pose, like the DOF blur, like the eyes…BUT…half a second before or after this shot and it would have been better I think. The  tongue is just too much of a distraction to everything else in this pic and the second your brain registers it, that’s all you can see.

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