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      tom dinning

      In contrast to the article entitled ‘How to know when not to shoot’ I would like to offer another perspective.
      I would start off by saying: if you want to take the shot, take it. Show no discression. Make the mistakes, struggle with the parameters. Solve the problems. Push your camera to its limits and push yourself to your limits.
      Above all, never walk away from the shot without giving it a shot.
      I have heard some professionals provide such arrogant advise as ‘I wouldn’t’ to the unwary amateur who is just trying to learn a little more about their chosen hobby. For a professional photographer to give such an answer displays contempt for the person who wants to learn.
      The first thing to establish here is: anything that eminates or reflects light is capable of being photographed. In fact. if you have the right equipment, you can even photograph items which don’t produce or reflect light, such as is the case in infra-red and UV photography, X-ray and radio photography.
      The next thing to establish is that there will always be someone who wants or needs to photograph those objects.
      Now most of the time we choose the equipment, time, light perspective etc to give us the best possible shot within the limits of our own skills. That’s all we can do. We are presented with the problem and we put our knowledge at the time to solve it.
      Now, whether we get a good shot or not is very subjective. Sure, we all would like to get that classic landscape or the perfect portrait or the supreme close up, but most of the time us ordinary people are just happy to have a camera in our hand, snapping away and having a good time while we learn along the way.
      What if it is midday and the Sun is blazing down? Take the shot anyway.

      Recorded at 1.58pm at 12 deg 38 min from the Equator.

      What if there is a chance of getting very wet? Find a way of keeping dry and take the shot anyway.


      What if there isn’t enough space to move and the room is packed with professional photographers all saying ‘Don’t bother’? Take the shot anyway.


      What if the glass is reflecting and the room is dark and you can’t compose according to the rules? Take the shot anyway.


      And what if the light is low and you forgot your tripod and there is a chance of being stood on and you are being bustled by passers-by and the shutter speed is at 1/5s and everything is working against you? Put your finger on the shutter and press.


      Professional photographers can probably afford to be choosy. They seem to know it all anyway. Us amateurs are still learning and the best way to learn is to take photo’s and learn from that.
      Finally. the shot may not be beautiful or perfectly composed and exposed but at least you have the shot. Then you can post it here on Light Stalking and we can all enjoy it. We’re not that critical, are we?

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