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    is as is

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Duncan, just a tad more space on the (camera) left.
    As is, it does not work for me.
    Possibly a 1×1 crop, just under the man’s hand. That makes an interesting visual (because you just see the men and the mannequins)
    In a 1×1 crop I have no problem with the men of the left so close to the edge.

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    Graham Hart

    I find all the elements in this pic quite interesting but something feels a little off. Maybe Erik’s idea re cropping is the answer? Not sure.

    I think I’d like to see a much wider shot actually to balance the attention across the whole image rather than the strong focus on the men in this version. There is definitely a strong juxtaposition between the female mannequin heads and the two men but I think this juxtaposition needs more space around it to ‘blend’ it in (if that makes any sense?).

    The aged characterful wooden window frame is competing with both the men and the mannequins for attention in this tight crop too, so perhaps a wider shot would allow all three elements to have their place without conflict?

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    This is a really neat photo with lots of interesting detail. It begs to be lingered over.  As Erik mentioned, a crop to just below the hands would reduce the clutter and the right vertical window frame could become a frame of sorts. The thing that really bothers me is that the window frame is not vertical. Correcting that might improve things.

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    Yeah totally agree with the straightened idea…………….jeez your so right\1 🙂


    but why straighten………………….hey the building cant answer back,…..hey they where rubbish models well gone ||

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    Lenny Wollitz

    I feel like I’m tipping to the right when I look a this but I think that’s part of the appeal.  Love the “every day” models but the guy on the left needs to iron his shirt over his belly.

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    Kent DuFault

    I love this type of ‘as is’ photography. Just a raw moment captured and to be explored. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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    yeah the reality of life and looks just sucks so much…………………..i mucho rather perfect bloody models………….bloody models……………..models……………… 🙂

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