Lakeside Refection – My First Attempt

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      My First Attempt at Reflections

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Michael, this is a beautiful image and feels very serene.

      In terms of feedback, you could slightly tilt the image to the right side and it would have been nice to include birds or some other element like a boat in the foreground water as a point of interest.

      Also, not sure if there was a choice to shoot wider 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      Hi Michael. Just a reminder that we are asked to include the EXIF with our ST posts.

      It’s a nice scene but as Dahlia mentioned it’s missing some foreground interest. You might consider looking at it this way. “What is the most interesting portion of the image?” Try eliminating everything else and see what you come up with. Maybe something like this? Still no foreground…unless the reflection now serves that purpose?


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      Robert Apple

      Like Rob Said

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      Thank you to everyone for the feedback.

      How do I include the EXIF?

      Is that the RAW file?



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      Rob Eyers

      If you’re using Lightroom you can set your Library View Options to show you the Common Photo Settings. Right click on any photo in Library view to access View Options. Just include that data when you post in the ST.



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      Federico Alegria

      It is amazing how you made that vertical crop @reyers.

      @mgdarling, for future shots try to acheive the most symmetrical possible composition. This is a gorgeous reflection, and since I love black and white photograhy (this is highly subjective) I would love to see a monochrome conversion.

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