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    I was learning more about brushes in Affinity Photo from a video tutorial, on a recent afternoon.  Not only did I learn a lot, but had great fun in doing so.  Here is my effort along the way.  Each action was copied simultaneously by the program, by the factor I chose.  I chose seven.

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    This is a lovely mandala and I like the way you used a reductionist set of primary colors to symbolize the elemental forces of the Universe, whatever they are, earth, wind, fire, blood, sex, liquor, gloom. No doubt you chose the number seven to be representative of the seven chakras. It is very powerful. My own chakras were so moved upon beholding it that I felt I just had to put on some Dead, get down on the floor in lotus position with a couple of bowls. This was great until I tried to get up, when I discovered that my aging knees wouldn’t let me get out of lotus and that my feet were growing numb. Fortunately, I had my cell phone in my pocket and was able to call the EMTs.

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      Marvellous, Allen, have had a good few good laughs with our Affinity Photo little group today – but yours tops everything.  Made my day!!  🙂   🙂

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    John Thompson

    I have made a brush of my signature in PS to “sign” my pics.  You can size it however you like and which color you like.  It was so easy

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    Good thought, John, I will take on board and remember in the dark recesses of my mind.  I did sign a few images a few years back, but have not bothered recently ……. however, once I become famous … and they say Jim Air, instead of Annie Leibovitz, then I will know my time has finally arrived!

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