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    Testing the very affordable Neewer Vision 4 Studio monobloc with some water drop collisions. Not too bad @ 1/10,000 second flash duration.






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    Does not suck.

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    John Thompson

    The last one is my favorite.  It is almost like a sculpture.  Very nice David.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    The images are great and I love the last two David 🙂

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    Neewer have tons of products they seem cover everything at ok prices as well , love the  pictures David , i like them all ;).

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    Hi David: Amazing, so that’s 1/10,000 of a second flash, does that mean that is what your shutter speed was as well (because obviously a very fast shutter speed is needed to catch the water drops) or is it even possible to have a shutter speed different than a flash speed? and if that is possible how would that affect a shot? (or is that a naive question that doesn’t make logical sense?) and what about the aperture and iso? (btw the second one is my favorite) just curious about your settings.

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    Thanks all.

    Dorothy – all good questions. The shutter speed is indeed different to the flash speed. This flash syncs with my camera at 1/125 sec, though I was using 1/80 for reasons unknown. It was shot in a moderately lit room, you really are relying on the flash speed to freeze the action. 1/10,000 second is really as slow as you’d want to shoot for these and there is a little motion blur, but that may be the 1/80 sec shutter speed as well.

    my Jinbei lights go down to 1/19,000 sec which is great, and my speedlights shoot at 1/32,000 sec. the ability to use studio lighting for high speed shots like this is really new – and I only know of 4 that can be used this way.

    Hope that answers the questions.


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      Thanks David. 👍

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    Interesting experiment with the flash … love the texture you got in the last drop

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    Sarthak Choudhary

    looks like mushroom clouds.

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