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      As time marches on and the economy continues to take its toll on the cityscape we live in, I find myself compelled to try and capture images of buildings and things before they disappear forever. The city around us is going through a big metamorphosis, and it’s happening so quickly that even as I head to a site for a shoot sometimes I find that the originally planned subject has changed radically… more on that in the coming days. Today we take a look at two scenes that exemplify this all to us here at The Hollow.

      Sherwin-Williams Paints - Victoria BC Canada

      Street Scene - Victoria BC Canada

      In case you’re wondering where we’re headed with all this, there is a bigger plan in the works. We’ve started to work on a book to chronicle some of this to ensure that the coming generations get a chance to see what it was like to live in our times. More on that later, as well.

      Please feel free to visit our blog “Live Free” for the story behind the photos.

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