London Street Shots

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      A year on from when I first attempted some street photography, I went back to London to do it again. Here’s what I got.

      London IV

      London III

      London II

      London I

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      Ed Aldridge

      Good shots there @kapowitschris the first one especially. Looks like a really random place to sit reading a book!

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      Karen Amendola

      Nice images! I like the context of the last one.

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      Agree with ed-aldridge – that first one looks totally out of context – makes you stop and look. Very good!

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      Judah Hernandez

      I actually quite like the second. I find the juxtaposition of the business man in a suit sitting calmly in what appears to be a dingy space is very interesting contrast.

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      I really like the first shot, it has a great mood, and I love the grungy look.

      My only suggestion would be that the composition would be inproved if the subject wasn’t complete centered, and it perhaps the shot had been taken from a slightly different angle to avoid the “pole coming out of the neck” look.

      I still really like the shot though.

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