Lotus pond

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    Steve Walker

    I’ve not posted in a while on this or other forums where I might get substantive feedback. As a result, I think I’ve gotten a bit lazy and inattentive to my own work. I suspect a regular dose of Shark Tank might be a partial remedy.

    There’s a local Lotus pond I visit each year, since discovering it. Aside from a simple contrast and clarity adjustment, combined with a small crop, little else done. There are two blemishes that I have attempted to remove. EXIF is on Flickr.

    AA098381-2328-45FE-A14E-EE717CF88AF7<script async src=”//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

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    Rob Eyers

    Not much to add to this one Steve. It’s a lovely image, well taken.

    My ST comments would be the water bead on the bottom right petal is a bit distracting..maybe tone it down a bit or colour it. The whitish circle below the large leaf on the left could also be removed IMO. The other blurred reflections don’t seem to pull the eye the same way.

    Over all it seems a bit dull. Maybe add a bit of life by adjusting the red channel in a levels adjustment. Some subtle blur sharpening of the petals might be OK too.

    These are picky issues and they’re all subjective. Very nice image Steve.

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    Rob Eyers

    I maybe should have just posted this editing attempt?

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    beautiful comp and wonderfully shallow dof.

    i’d remove the bright spot in the top left in the shadows of the pad.  rob is on to something with brightening up the colors.


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    Steve Walker

    Thank you. It’s a static shot, not too much of a story or a moving emotion, other than that I like Lotus blossoms. Interesting that Rob’s brightening and color adjustments seem to have affected the outer petal of the bloom and the darker greens in the background. I do like the result. I had worried a bit (not enough) about the bright spot on the right but had not noticed the pad’s center’s slight brightness on the left or the slight bit of water sparkle at the bottom of the frame.

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