Manning the controls of the Waimare Paddlesteamer

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      Settings were f2.8 ; 17 mms;  1/800sec;  ISO1500 on a Nikon cropped sensor camera –  Nikon D5200 with a Sigma 17-70mms lens 2.8-4.00.

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Jim,

      People do not always have to look into the camera, but in ti case I think I might work better. It gives the man some kind of pride “this is my machine”.
      I would straighten it, burn the edges left and right top, crop the arm on the right and dodge the man and some details on the machine. Add a tad of color. Something like this.


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      Rob Eyers

      What Erik said Jim. I would add that the white stripe on the wall upper left rear is an eye snag for me. Burning it looks fake so I just painted it the colour of the wall and reduced the opacity a bit. I added a little bit of detail to his shirt, apron and face to make it slightly grittier.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Jim, this is a very good image. I agree with Erik’s crop and it would have been better to have his right arm fully in the frame without the elbow being cropped off. Not sure if that was possible 🙂

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      Hi Mistyman….yeah really like your image with the crop 🙂 ……..b&w screams out

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      Federico Alegria

      Erik’s suggestion is very accurate, and just my two cents here, you should watch the work of Arnold Newman, who perfected the art of “environmental portraiture”. Erik is absolutely right! This man is proud of his machine.

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      Great shot and edits!   Why does the left arm look so distorted?  (not that it matters)

      I like the ancient look to the machine whatever it is.

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      Thanks all, for the very constructive feedback. I like this image, but sometimes others don’t share my enthusiasm, which is fine. So, I had not spent much time editing. Now, I will edit and have taken on board the VG suggestions as well.

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      Graham Hart

      Terrific image Jim. Agree with the crop but I too am left wondering what he is looking so intently at? Pity there wasn’t a gauge (in shot) up in that top RH corner to anchor his gaze.

      Given the postition of the camera (which I assume is where the windscreen is or how does he know where he’s going LOL), perhaps a look to camera would have provided a stronger bridge to his pride and his joy?

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      Thanks Federico, have looked at the work of Arnold Newman. Time well spent. Notice a couple of his images of Andy Worhol, Pablo Picasso and JFK. The early works of his, of mainly African Americans, are very insightful. I must read about his life, some time later.

      Another person who did the environmental portrait very well was Vivian Maier. There is a documentary movie on her, which I have seen twice.

      Re my image, I don’t think that everyone picked up on the word paddlesteamer, so of course, the machines shown are the engine room.

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      That’s a lovely shot and I really like how Erik edited it.

      You can also try to see how it works in b&w, even though colors look great here.

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      Hi everyone
      Taken onboard all comments, I think (and another afternoon gone – athough enjoyably!
      Here is the result of my efforts (+ your input – and that of my tutorial mates in Affinity Photo).  Still to get rid of some stubborn chromatic aberration!


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      ……….. or, B&W?

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