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      I have terrible eyesight even with glasses lol but need to use manual for Macro and was wondering if there is a setting to tell you when the subject is in focus while using Manual focus on a Nikon D7200.

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      I am sure the 7200 has focus peaking – worth a google as it is very useful.

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      Ken Scheepers

      The D7200 does not have focus peaking. Invest in a Hoodman H32B.

      Simply hold it against the live view screen and it magnifies the image. It works like a charm.

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      Dan Colombo

      Crystal, I fully understand poor eyesight.

      The D7200 has a focus indicator in the lower left of the viewfinder for manual focus (page 97 of the manual).

      In Live View, the square indicator should turn green when focus is achieved. There’s also a zoom function (page 38) that might help.

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      Thank you so much Dan!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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