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    Lenny Wollitz

    Many times I process photos in BW because the colors here in Mazatlan are so bold that color many times overwhelms subject.  Sometimes I think I unconsciously use BW as an easy way out.  I did this one in BW several years ago but I think the color works too. 1/250, f5.6, iso400, 65mm on ASP-C.

    We have a Gran Marathon here every year. They turn people away after 10,000 sign up. The main event is always won by some really thin guys from Africa. The wheelchair “runners” start first because they are by far the fastest. They also have contestants that are in regular wheelchairs, on crutches and blind.

    Marathon Man in Color

    M-Marathon Man

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    Hi Lenny, I like them both, but prefer the monochrome.  However, that may partly be because you certainly seem to have added blur in the monochrome, but not the colour version.  Nice capture!

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    Both work for my eyes Lenny. However, I find the B&W to be stronger.

    I find the color of the road and wall to be a distraction from the racer. Have you tried a ‘desaturated color – B&W’ combination. In that I mean desaturate the colour of the racer and his chair slightly (or maybe ‘leave as is’) and make the surroundings in B&W. Not sure if will be any better than these, but I think it could provide you with a third option for this image.

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    Hi Lenny! I’ve revisited your images a few times since you posted them and I’m favoring the B&W.  For me, the helmet and shirt are the focal points in the color photo, whereas the B&W draws me to the the racer’s face (particularly his intensity) and makes for a more powerful photo.

    I also like your addition of blur in the B&W to convey motion.  However, I think you need to blur the decals on the rear wheel to match the spokes on the front wheel.  The decals are sharp enouth that I can almost make out the words and the disconnect between the two speeds are a sticking point for me.

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    Anne Hornsby

    What a great photo Lenny.   I agree with Jim that the blur is a good addition in the B&W.   I also think Paul’s suggestion of combining color and B&W is worth a try.  I often don’t like color/B&W combo but here I do.  I gave it a shot (quickie/sloppy layer masking, just for the concept):  I desaturated the shirt and  helmet  and lightened his face.  To me, his intense expression of determination is a core of this image, so I want to see it.     

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    First of all, I think it is a great idea for a street photographer to almost always post both color and b&w in Sharktank. What an informative exercise this is. I agree blurring for motion adds to the drama of the photograph. Given only the choice between the two you posted, I would choose color. Really, I find the color distracting, but it helps me see his face and that what I want to see. The detail is there so it makes me suspect another choice of b&w processing would be better than the one you chose. I like Anne’s version a lot. I also do not generally like a mix of color and b&w, but this picture seems to lend itself to that.  What great lines you have caught. Well done, Lenny.

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    Tom M

    I too think I like the color one better, with motion blur. The color in this particular photo really has very little color in it to begin with, so just de saturate it a little like Anne did. Really cool photo…


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    Gary Zerbst

    I wonder wha the result would be if the muted colors of Anne’s vision for this photo had been accompanied by a slightly greater  increase of brightness on the racer’s face.

    Perhaps also a subtle vignette to direct the viewers attention inward toward the racer’s face.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    What a nice discussion and lots of very good ideas!  I have printed the entire thing and will re-process the photo and post the hopefully improved result here later.

    Ann I don’t usually like the combo of BW and color but I do like your effort on this one.  The colors are true and if I desaturated them as much as you did Mexicans who are a good portion of my target audience would ask me why the colors are so faded.  Color is really bold here so I will try for a happy medium.

    Diane, your comment on the BW processing is right on.  Hopefully my processing skill has progressed in the last 4 years so I will give it another go.


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