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      Gerald Murphy

      Images of Media City are broadcast almost every day on the UK’s BBC public broadcasting news services. Mostly they are daytime wall to wall shots but I wanted to do some sunset and early evening images. Here is one of several I took yesterday.Media City UK by night

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      wonderfully rich b&w tones, i like how most of the lights  are on too to give it more contrasting tones.

      is this the place jeremy clarkson rode the p51 through on top gear?

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        Gerald Murphy

        Thanks for your comment, Beth. I may be getting confused. I believe that Clarkson owns a P-51 aircraft but drove a P50 car through central London – 200 miles from Media City, Salford – in 2007 – long before Media City existed.

        As for the lights being on, the clocks going back an hour from summertime is great for photography in that people are still at work when it goes dark. I think that this scene worked quite well in colour too so I attach a photo to show.Media City night colour

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      I love it Gerald! Specially the B&W!

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        Gerald Murphy

        Some of the shots did look better in colour though – such a golden hour one and a sunset one.

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      Kent DuFault

      Nice! I especially like the black and white.

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        Gerald Murphy

        Thank, Kent. Of course I did read the Photzy eBook which helped me to see the monochrome possibility.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Beautiful image Gerald. I like the black and white treatment too 🙂

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        Gerald Murphy

        Thank you too, Dahlia. It’s starting to look unanimous in favour of the black and white. A lesson for me to bear in mind in future.

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      chris pook

      They are very smart, thank you for sharing.

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