Meditating Sparrow

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    Anne Hornsby

    I think this is a house sparrow, but really am not sure.  An odd mixture of markings and beak color.  It stayed quite a long time looking out from the feeder, so I think it was meditating….  🙂

    [sharper in FLKR once loaded]

    ADS_3868 sparrow 3

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    Robert Apple

    Good shot Anne, your close in the  identification, this is actually a Female House Finch (Versus The House Sparrow, different species), we used to have several pairs of these nesting around the ranch and were regulars at my Wife’s feeders. If she is around so will be a male his markings are similar but he will be a Brilliant rose color.

    Male House Finch

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    Anne Hornsby

    Thanks, Robert.  Very interesting.  Now I’ll keep an eye out for a male house finch.

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    John Thompson

    Very nice Anne.  She is so sharp.

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    Anne Hornsby

    Thanks, John!

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