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      Good Morning everyone

      Lets roll this one around the block. I did this image last year for the autumn season. It fell flat on its face.!!,.. so I’m missing something important here. A table top still life illuminated with a small flashlight, in camera multiple image, bulb mode composite so shutter time is, who knows. Usually have in excess of thirty frames in these composite images.

      Pentax K1, 100mm micro lens at f11, iso 200,

      I believe the color balance is where I wanted it so lets talk about composition and interest. What have I not got?

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        3pco…  ?? Are you saying there is nothing of interest in the image ??

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      I’m saying you could better balance your composiiton by adding something in that position, preferably with a touch of red. An apple?

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        Oh, I see. I was afraid the dark area on the right was a problem.. Thank you.

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      Robert Apple

      I am not a still life expert or novice or amateur so I was stepping back to see what the other sharks might suggest. My only real advice would be to explore some of the photos posted here by Valery, here is a link to the forums he started. Some of the photos aren’t available as its been awhile since he last posted but the majority of them are.


      The guy could make an eggplant look interesting.

      View post on

      in addition here are a few links here on Lightstalking you may find helpful.

      Still Life

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        Thank you Robert. I’ll look into those. Much appreciated ;))

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      Philip Watts

      Nice light and technical stuff, but I do think it lacks a central interest point to get the eye involved at the start.

      The red/apple idea might do it.

      Good shot though


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      Hi Craig: as always, i am no expert and can only give my personal thoughts. i guess everyone is fine with the bright white light on top of the watermelon but it just kept attracting my attention, away from everything else, so i took it out.  (maybe something softer like the light on the above eggplant would be nice) did a little nit pick touch up around the bottom and a little through out, the warpness (?) of the watermelon kind of put me off.  all being said, i do like this and i don’t see that it needs anything more (although the little lady was an interesting touch 🙂 )

      Melloween-Craig  edit dms

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      Craig it sorta looks like something one would see in a plastic frame in Walmart or similar. Nicely taken technically fine but with little thought about content. Not one to hang in my kitchen but plenty of folks would consider it good enough to fill a space on the wall. This still life genre is much more difficult than folks think so keep practicing if that’s of interest to you.

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      Thank you, Philip, Dorothy and Billyspad. All great points and well taken, a scantily clad good looking babe always gets points. ;))… Gives me food for thought (pun intended), And I’ll have to do some homework on the subject of balance. ;))..Much appreciated

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      Frank, you have nice texture on the leaves – would love to see more fall colors in them.

      Composition: you might want to try cutting the watermelon and placing a slice of it on the right side to balance out the image – the red on the inside of the melon with the green rind would really pop and it would make the viewer want to eat some watermelon.

      Lighting: in the future you may want to try bouncing your light so that you get a softer look rather than the hard light glare.

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        Good points and good ideas with the melon. Yes, Dorothy mentioned about the light being a bit much. I’ve done other images with that softer lighting effect and see the appeal. Thank you Frogdaily, comments and suggestions much appreciated.

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      Graham Hart

      Craig, its just not interesting enough for me my friend. Leaves and a melon. The melon takes up most of the pic so I’m led to believe its the main focus. But it’s just a pic of the end of a melon? Frogdaily’s idea about slicing it open and showing that rich bright red interior would create a quantum change to the vibrancy of the pic and add a layer of interest which is currently lacking.

      I know diddly squat about still life and lighting but to me it seems a little rough around the edges. You have a brightly lit big green melon with an over exposed patch sitting against a pitch black background with some pappadam looking leaves in the front row hogging the limelight. It feels like there is just too much light for this scene. Perhaps, two simple objects like these would be better presented in low light, lurking in the moody shadows with the edges catching bits of light here and there?

      I reckon this is one of those things that you could spend half the day on just trying different things to see what you can make of a simple melon and leaves. There must be a variety of interpretations to be had playing with the light in different ways. Sadly out of my depth in that dept but that’s my take on it.

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        Thank you Graham. I seriously appreciate everyone’s observations. That is just what  I’m after. In this image I knew something was amiss, I could not see it myself. Now, after the comments and explanations of Why. I can.

        That is why I’m here. I know I need the “second”, more experienced eye on some of these. If no one every tells you what your doing wrong, how can you improve, you just keep making the same mistakes over and over. .  ;))

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      Am too late on the scene to add anything new, Craig, however I’d like to echo Robert’s suggestion about looking at the work of Valery, who is a true master of the subject.  However, just keep in mind that he was able to pick up the most interesting second-hand objects at his local market in France, which often helped his creations very much.

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        Thank you Misty. Never to late ;)) Your comments are very welcome. ;))

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