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      Robert Apple

      Hey all,
      There may be a bit of a delay on getting this out, I’m currently on my second week of bed rest after a fairly serious back injury, I’m posting from my tablet until I can sit in a chair longer then 10 minutes and put in some computer time. Still waiting on the doctors decision on surgery or not. Sorry for the delay. Getting old and paying for the things you did in your youth SUCKS.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Wishing you a speedy recovery Robert!

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      So sorry to hear your news mate and i do hope you get well soon , take things easy Robert .. rest plenty no rush pal ;).

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      Getting old in general sucks! Payback is even worse …. get well soon Robert! We can wait for Pick of the year, no hurry, just take it easy. 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      Sorry to hear about your back Robert. My dad used to say getting old sucks…I now agree and know what he meant. Hope the docs decisions are positive and that you’re up and around again soon.

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      Bruce Gordon

      As the man said; Getting old is not for the faint of heart! Take care of yourself and heal well!


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      Charmaine Joubert

      Sorry to hear about your back. I can totally relate, my husband had a serious back injury a few years back which resulted in him having a back op. A healing process that can not be rushed. So plenty of patience to a full recovery.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks All, Going a little crazy, not used to sitting still this much and with all the political crap going on here cant stand even turning the TV on.

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      So sorry to hear Robert – back issues are sooooo hard!  Prayers lifted up for Drs wisdom on what to do and full healing for you!

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      I hope you’ll feel better soon, Robert. Hopefully no surgery will be necessary!

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      Kent DuFault

      Get well soon, Robert. I have back issues as well. Nothing is worse than back pain. I feel your situation.

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      Get well soon mate!

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      Oh my, Robert, sorry to hear that. However, you risk a complete recovery. It took me two back surgeries and a stiff training programme – to become fit enough to fight stubborn sheep and runaway lambs as if nothing had happened. Good luck and get well soon !

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      We really are the walking wounded around here lately with @nikon-nut and @kent doing themselves damages too!

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