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      Robert Apple

      Here we go folks, Time to vote for your 3rd quarter choices, We will pick the top three for each quarter based on member votes, any ties which would exceed three photos being chosen will be included , we will keep voting open for one week each and then vote on our top three for the year on the fifth week. The week it appeared will be listed if you want to go back in the forums to see larger images. The results for top three for the quarter will be listed along with next weeks link to the voting page.

      Please vote on your top three just once as this is a free service I am using and there are no restrictions on it.

      Voting is now closed for Members Picks Photo Of the Year, 3rd Quarter Choices.

      Members Picks Photo Of the Year, 4th Quarter Choices for the next round.

      Here are your top Top 3 photos from the 2nd Quarter.

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      Robert Apple

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      Robert Apple

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      Thank you Robert.


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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Thank you Robert. Voted! 🙂

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      Thanks Robert, it doesn’t get any easier! Voted! 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      Thanks Robert. Should be top 10 though…very difficult to pick 3.

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      Thank you Robert. It is a pleasure to review all those wonderful images, difficult to choose between them.

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      Graham Hart

      Done! After an agonising amount of time I narrowed down the 31 images, to 29. Jeeze this is hard. Great job once again Robert.

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      Oh wow … that Was so hard to narrow it to 3 … really made me examine each image and ask myself what I liked about each one … thank you Robert for all your work putting this together … voted

Viewing 9 reply threads
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