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    Robert Apple

    Members reference what you might consider a five star photo. Give a call out to the photographer and share their photo even if it lies in the Shark Tank and feel free to give a Critique on why it trips your Trigger.

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    We meet again kind Sir 😉 Thanking you.

    I don’t think many words to why i like this photo are needed it stands up on its own IMHO , Hot shot.

    Photographer – Erik Fransman

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    Robert Apple

    Walk towards the light, good choice.

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    Erik Fransman

    Thank you P71 for choosing and thank you all for the comments!

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    Rob Eyers

    Great choice Patrick. This reminds me of one Erik posted way back. At least I thought it was Erik.

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    Hermione at the Harbour

    I got this from the backlight challenge, a perfect candid shot.  Could not help the pun when I told Leanne that it was a “Swell” photo.  It really is great and the lighting is lovely and the capture of a relaxed moment of time, enjoying the scenery is wonderful.

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      I agree Dorothy, lovely light and captured moment!

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