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    Robert Apple

    Members reference what you might consider a five star photo. Give a call out to the photographer and share their photo even if it lies in the Shark Tank and feel free to give a Critique on why it trips your Trigger.

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    Robert Apple

    This shot by @kent just makes me smile, weather conditions aside one could imagine her dancing along side Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain.

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      I agree beth, lovely feeling to this shot.

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      Kent DuFault

      I agree. This has a wonderful feeling to it.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks Beth for the post and also Diane and Kent for your kind words.

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      Seth L

      For sure! great ambience! Well done Graham

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      John Thompson

      Yes I agree with your choice here Beth.  I love the light and textures of the grasses.

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    Great picks folks , i did see kents photo just after it was posted and was instantly feeling happy vibes from the image , the happy pose , the aspect ratio works sweet with patterns and placement of the lady within the square , For me the Yellow boots and dress colours are awesome together.

    Brilliant positive photo kent , nice share.

    Been busy most of the week doing some gardening work for my sister so not had much chance to post on much , i will get a catch up closer to weekend ..trying to fix the roof while the sun is shining 😉

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    Erik Fransman

    Good picks. They go very well together. The explosion of energy by Kent and the serene quietness by Graham. They “complete” each other.

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