Minimalist Staircase

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      Kent DuFault

      Excellent use of Minimalism. Great use of color contrast. My critique would be… I would like to see more detail in the white areas of the wall, especially in the upper left. Leaving those areas a ‘blown out’ white with absolutely no detail detracts from the shot (IMO).

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      Wow, yeah I don’t think you need the wall to be quite that minimalist for this to remain a very effective shot. So I would probably agree with Kent.

      The line of the bricks at the bottom right of the crop kinda bothers me too.

      Very small criticisms though.

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      Thank you guys, I appreciate it.  I’ll go back into Lightroom and try to fix the upper left.

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      Petr Nowak

      Great minimalistic image. As Kent has said: some parts of the wall is too bright. Bring some detail there. And remove bottom right wall line.
      I’d try to change blue color hue a little bit.

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Crystal, that’s fun. I made a similar image in 2013. They should be framed together.
      (Although, your image is better, because the lines are straight. More minimal)

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      Hi Crystal, I agree with Rob when it comes to the bottom right of the crop, I think that line should be removed.

      Overall, it’s a great use of minimalism and I don’t mind that blown out white color of the wall, I actually find it quite suitable here.

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      Federico Alegria

      Yup, just bring back some information from the blown highlights and you’ll be all set mate, crafting minimal work is quite hard, and you’ve done a very promising approach here. If you are REALLY into these sort of images, perhaps getting your hands on a tilt-shift lens might be helpful (you could rent one to start experimenting).

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      I don’t know how to reply to one person but Federico, thanks for the suggestion I’ll look into a tilt shift.  Erik great photo, I really like it

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      I love minimal and I love your image Crystal! 🙂

      agree with more detail in the background but well spotted and shot

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