Missouri River Sunset

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    25/640/16 Canon 5div 24-105 @ 24
    Sometimes I struggle with composition a fellow photographer was coming up the road and told me to use the tree branches to frame the tracks. Good idea or not?

    Missouri River Sunset

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    Rob Eyers

    If the bridge is the subject I think the branches occupy too much of the image. As it stands I would at least crop in from the left a bit to eliminate the bright portion in the bottom left.

    Your 25 second exposure has produced a nice effect in the water but that’s only a small portion of the photo. It might have been better to concentrate on the bridge, the water and the more interesting part of the sky and forget the trees all together.

    I also think this would have been a prime candidate for a multi exposure blend which would have helped you capture more of the colour in the brighter portions of the sky.

    I’ll be interested to hear what others think Tim.



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      I agree the bottom left could be cropped a bit. I went with 25 sec. to see if I could get more cloud movement but just didn’t happen.

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    Tom M

    I like the trees in there,especially the one on the left whose branches seem to lead the eye right to the bridge…


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      That’s what my other photo buddy said exactly. Thanks

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    Graham Hart

    I’m in the middle. I like the trees but I agree with Rob that the bridge, water and sky all sit in the background and makes the trees the main focus. Perhaps the right side tree could go altogether as the bridge is lost among the branches anyway which would still leave the main tree and its leading lines as well as bring out the other elements a bit more.
    A bit more brightness in the upper sky would compliment the tree’s silhouetted branches and bring the eye more into the background possibly. Failing this maybe crop a slice of the upper sky out too and a bit of the main thick tree trunk on the left? (The very dark darks against the blown out whites bother me a bit)

    I had a go just to see what it looked like and to be honest, I ended up preferring your original crop but that may have been because of the pixelation I got when I zoomed in to a decent viewing size.


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    Ahhh… why should I stray from my most usual comment… Have you tried a different crop Tim?

    The crop I think may work the best is a pano with the ration of 3×1…

    It cuts the image almost in half vertically removing most of the sky with the top of the image being just above the branches that travel obliquely upward left to right. I think my eyes will be drawn immediately to the bridge as it is now the most significant thing in the image and the branches form a nice frame around it.

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      Thanks oh by the way you have any gas money?? LOL

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    Anne Hornsby

    I like the tree on the left as a frame — without the lower most branch, which to me is a distraction.   The title includes Sunset but most of the sunset seems blown out except a fringe along the treetops.  (would it have worked with an even more stopped down aperature, with higher ISO??)    The bridge spans are great.  I would love to have seen more water.   But don’t have any gas money to offer!   🙂

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    Gary Zerbst

    If you can  go back, find the same spot for your feet but re-shoot from a lower vantage point to gain some separation between the framing branch and the bridge.  As it is, I’m unsure whether the bridge or  the branch is the subject of the photo.

    AND/OR could you somehow de-emphasize the size of the branch by shooting from farther away (IF site geography allows this approach)

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      This location is about 120 miles from me but I will be there again next week. Thanks for all the input everyone.

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    quite nice………..but wots the subject…im in two minds cus your in two minds…………..tree left dominates,specially with the gap between tree and l/h frame

    make it interesting for the viewer rather than your(general not personal)take on sight.

    shit i sound a right bore just now………….ah tis life! 🙂


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    Kent DuFault

    A slightly tighter frame might have improved the shot. Overall, I really like it. It has a wonderful mood.

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