New Lens Time Again

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      I thought I’d ask y’all about this one since I’m not that savvy. What I’d like is a wide-angle lens because I want to get the “surround sound” effect [but with light] often captured in ocean/beach and stream/waterfall landscapes. So here’s some questions:

      Wide-angle, Super-Wide, or Fish-Eye? I have a 18-55mm kit lens for my Canon XTi already. And I’m thinking Fish-eye might be too much wrap-around.

      I’ve been referred to look at a Tokina and a Tamron. I think both are in f/4, which shouldn’t be that much of a problem from a tripod. It think these are both on the 12-24mm range. Any others out there of decent image quality that would fit this specialty lens bill?

      Anyone have any other insights on this, or options I can use to filter this down a little? It’s a Canon EOS XTi body. Thanks in advance.

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