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    Had a recent opportunity to head out with the Sony Australia product specialists for some small group tuition and to shoot with Sony’s latest gear.

    This image has so much against it – shot in mid-day sun, with a distracting background (as it was a group scenario I had little opportunity to move around much). Unfamiliar camera gear was less of an issue for me.

    I tried to create an almost ethereal feel but keeping the focus on Nicoles eyes, but i didn’t want to add fog or anything in PP, as it rarely looks/feels right IMO.

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  • Sony A7iii with 28-70 f2.8 G lens @ 70mm
  • ISO: 100
  • F: 7.1
  • Shutter: 1/125 sec
  • Interested in thoughts on the image, and how to improve it.



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    Robert Apple

    If it were mine I’d be happy with it as is David, very happy.

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    Tom M

    Like the feel of this David, it is kinda washed out, but like you said you wanted that appearance. I like it…

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi David,

    Great that you were selected to test. Interesting that Sony brings you to a set like this to test their gear. It is what it is.

    I do not think your PP works very well. I would crop the image and instead of a white vignette, I would try a normal vignette. In that way, the background becomes less (a very little bit less) of an issue.
    I would have shot this at f/2.8. That will help the BG as well.
    The sensor and lens are tac sharp. That poses a problem with makeup for models. ( We have it all the time shooting close-ups in 4 and 6k) You see every imperfection and every makeup.
    Darker vignette and crop. (The “figure” in the background on her right (see the two eyes) is watching here is more visible in the darker version)

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    Graham Hart

    I’m in the ‘litle bit washed out’ camp too David. Her skin in particular looks a little pale and there’s a lot of blurred stuff surrounding her which all tends to suppress the light an beauty she obviously radiates. I’ve played with the colour and crop and vignette and also reduced the colour in the BG to help bring out her beautiful skin tone. Maybe not what your goal was but its an alternative view none the less.


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    As I look at the three versions of post processing, Erik’s works best for me. In general I have a personal preference for a bright face, particularly for the young and beautiful. The distraction for me in this picture is that sliver of background between her head and the tree on the right side of her face. It is very close in hue and saturation to the color of her face and the framing that the tree provides takes me right to it. Graham’s version essentially solves that problem. I think it is a solvable problem in Erik’s version.

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    Kent DuFault

    I tend to like Erik’s version of the PP best as well. PLus, if it were mine… I’d be tempted to crop it much tighter. She is beautiful, and I would like to direct viewer attention toward her. I find the background distracting, especially in the areas up around the head where there is extreme contrast behind her.

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      Erik Fransman

      Kent, I think you are right. Crop it tighter.

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    Thanks for your suggestions and efforts. Will re-edit it tonight and post the end result.


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    Kent DuFault

    I like your last version much better. I’ve uploaded a version that includes some edits that make it even better in my opinion.

    Since there isn’t a lot of room above her head- I cropped it even tighter. I placed her right eye (camera left) along the vertical line for the Rule of Thirds.

    I cropped stuff at the bottom, which in my opinion made the image ‘bottom’ heavy.

    I did keep some of the t-shirt graphic, because it felt like a reveal of her personality.

    You toned down the whites and highlights quite a bit. Too much in my opinion. They were starting to look dingy grey.

    The shirt was fine for exposure, but it had a lot of blue in it. So, I added 10 points of yellow to the shirt.

    For the highlights in the out focus sky- I added 15 points to both the highlights and whites in camera raw. Just enough to keep them subdued… but not looking such a deep shade of grey.

    That’s my 2 cents… I like the picture a lot. She’s a beautiful woman. You captured a great shot of her.

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      Robert Apple

      This edit really connects the viewer with the subject on a personal level, Stuff like this is why I am part of Light Stalking as I was happy with the original and didn’t see an improvement. Great stuff Kent.

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      Wow! Thank you so muck Kent. Can’t wait to get home from work (despite the 41C/106F heat) and add your suggested edits. Like Robert said – this is what I love about lightstalking.

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    Wow, Kent, this is beautiful post processing. Wow, David, your image was beautiful to start with. Sony chose you well.

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      Kent DuFault

      Thank you Diane!

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      thanks @albirder. I am not giving up my Olympus gear just yet, but when my SONY is due for replacement they have me on the hook!

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    Take 3:



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