No Silly Questions?

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      Ever wanted to ask a silly question here, but were not comfortable doing so?

      I wonder if we need some sort of QA thread regularly for them?

      Or maybe i am projecting.

      What say ye?

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      John Thompson

      I am not so sure a separate thread is necessary.  I think General Photo Chit Chat is a great place to ask questions.  Dorothy just posted a question in that forum about landscapes.

      I read posts on another photography website each day and everyday someone asks a question.  One example was “What is HDR and is it necessary?”  Almost invariably the first response is from someone who admits not to know anything about the question!  Anyway, some of the other responses made me take notice because there was some bad information posted.  Three people answered the question with the response “If you know how to set exposure properly you do not need HDR”  The implication within the response is “If you are a good enough photographer then you do not need HDR”!  Most replies were spot on and provided some very good info.  I guess the snark from the three upset me.  I was going to question their ability but decided not to.  I would get email for the next week from others posting about this thread.  I really believe we have a good group here and I do not believe anyone would provide a false or stupid answer.

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      Yeah fair point. I am more asking for those lurkers afraid to post. I want everyone to feel they can without fear of snark.

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      Hi Rob,

      Are you considering a way for lurkers to post anonymously? (Maybe set up a mailbox where users can DM their question and mods can review and add to the forum, perhaps?)

      Or do you have some way in mind to entice them out of lurking mode?

      I like the idea – would need rules and we’d have to enforce them to ensure the answers provided are  relevant, helpful and not condescending! Happy to be a part of it!

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        Robert Apple

        You thinking like a “Dear Abby” sort of forum David?  That could be an interesting concept. Maybe useful in pointing people to revelant guides or help with the development of new ones. Answer basic questions with a pointer to more in depth info.

        That’s my serious answer.

        My Uncle used to tell me that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I was never afraid to ask him anything and believed his point of view was correct.

        Then I worked on a dude ranch ,one day while we were working in a pasture full of Angus cattle mending fence which we had been at a couple of hours and where at any given moment one animal or another was sure to be emptying it’s colon, a young man asked me if the hot green steaming pile he had just stepped in was cow poop. I looked him square in the eye and said no sir, that one there is different then the other 1000 or so piles in this field. That there is Black Bovine Shit.

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          one of the now retired police academy instructors used to tell cadets there is no such thing as a stupid question, but some answers come with extra push ups.

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      Graham Hart

      What about a separate thread for lurkers called FAQ? We can pre-empt those ‘silly’ questions by posting some very basic simple questions ourselves first…a sort of fly-trap for the uninitiated in order to make them feel more comfortable about posting any questions they may have. We could craft easy to understand responses in a friendly welcoming style. They would instantly feel more at ease knowing that others (ie; ourselves) have previously posted relatively simple questions.

      It might also act as a ready go-to for anyone wanting more information about something. Soon the word spreads and social media does its thing. “Got A Question About Photography”…..go to Lightstalkers website!

      Tomorrow….world domination!

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        Robert Apple

        That could have the potential to become a very long drawn out thread where info could become hard to find. In a world where people look for instant satisfaction interest could be lost quickly.

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      VOTE for Graham! 🙂  i don’t know i was always told to be careful for what i wished for. lol

      actually like the FAQ idea and it could be added under Chit Chat like Introduce Yourself, Throw Downs and Member Picks.  it could also be a place where newbies could get help figuring out getting around and participating on the Light Stalking  website.

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      Oh, i would move and use the FAQ segment under the ST to Chit Chat and still keep that information.  not everyone wants to start off jumping in the ST and can easily miss that.

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      There are possibly no silly questions if we assume the person asking it was serious at the time of seeking advice. There are however always exceedingly dumb questions on fota forums and these will be treated differently depending on how one interprets it. “Should I make the sky more red” is a possible example. Yes cos that will better match the foreground is one answer. You got eyes just like me and more importantly you know what the scene looked like and you should know what mood you wish to project so if ya really do not know sell the camera and take up fishing is another answer.

      I actually believe the second answer is of much more use to our questioner but can see Mr and Mrs Sensitive Soul having a dicky fit worried that our members cannot deal with a dose of the truth. But for me bring it on and I will do all I can with my limited knowledge of the art of snapping to help the serious ones.

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      easy why put up with moi……………….in your defense i have a history of nonconformity and failed memberships

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      Anne Hornsby

      I wonder about the assumption that lurkers are too shy to post and need to have questions answered.     It strikes me lurkers could also be professional photographers interested in viewing but not getting otherwise involved.

      I find the breadth of articles on LS re photography techniques to be very good;  I read them a lot.   I’m not sure FAQs are needed.

      What happens if the forums are no longer available to the public, and everyone has to register, then log in to see the forum material?    Do other photo websites do that – have a lot of material for everyone, but require registration then log-in for forums?

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        I have thought about that @annehornsby – I think it would likely increase the quality, but decrease the volume. Always interested in other ideas though.

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