Origins of Driftwood

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    Thought I saw an alligator type creature in the large log until I zoomed in and only saw a log!

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    Robert Apple

    That is an interesting log Frank, I would crop in tighter on it, especially behind it, and use the selective brush in light room or camera raw to bring out more detail in just the log , use clarity, detail, saturation, and a bit of contrast, all sparingly to make it pop.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Wow Frank, it does look like an alligator 🙂

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    Well, I was hoping to create a story of an eroding coast resulting in the falling of trees onto the beach and eventually into the sea.  Of course, I happened to be standing on the Washington coast and lines of huge driftwood trees lining beaches for miles.

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    Federico Alegria

    Nothing to critique here or comment but whoah, that log really looks like a croc!

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    Graham Hart

    Absolutely looks like like a croc and the other thing looks like an arm reaching out from the water to grab those bits of branches.

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    Robert Apple

    Not Sure how many pixels you have to work with Frank, this was where I was going.


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