Penarth Pier, it’s a wheelie nice place but tread carefully!

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      Joanne Van Praag

      This image was taken days before lockdown, I was drawn to this single car wheel embedded in the pristine sand – no other rubbish in sight – a symbol of our human waste spoiling the view and endangering wildlife

      Penarth Pier

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Joanne, this is a beautiful image and I like the crop factor you have used, to show the entire scene. Sad to see rubbish dumped in places where they shouldn’t be. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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      Nice b&w on a lovely scene , such a pity about the waste rubbish and showing it here really highlights the problem with it , when i started making photos every trip i noticed an old car wheel like this dumped in a bush or laying in a small stream , i started to save these photo with the intention to make a project highlighting all this rubbish dumped in the countryside. ..  I’m still adding to them :(.

      Thanks for posting , nice work 😉

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      Graham Hart

      Great shot – great title. It’s a bit like looking at a body on the beach – invoking a similar feeling of loss, only in this case the loss is to the pristine environment. I think the composition and crop factor work really well together too.

      Whoever dumped it there is a weal nut…unless it floated in from the Pacific Rim? (sorry)

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      Sorry, makes me feel tired.

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      Joanne Van Praag

      The puns are better than my photo xxxxx

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      Beautiful image Joanne !

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      Bruce Gordon

      Very Nice Joanne! I particularly like the way you have handled the tonality of the monochrome. Really brings the whole image together.

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