Performance at Dallas museum of art circle member event for speechless

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      Lynne Guenther

      Cell pic


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      Stunning shot. What was the performance?

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        Lynne Guenther

        It was a one time only dance and synthesizer performance using the exhibit as stage and instrument.

        The exhibit itself is interactive.  It allows visitors to touch and spin the light capsules, and as they do, they trigger a synthesizer that causes sound at the pace the participant rotates the capsule.

        It gives a cool kind of doplar effect, but somehow no matter who does what or where (they are each different and there were 9)  it’s always pleasant. As the synthesizer plays sounds, it triggers sonic vibrations in the water.

        For the performance,  the artist, his also artist brother,  and a third artist friend “played” the capsules while another interpretative dance artist moved impulsively off the cuff… which she was great at!!! Very moving movements 😉

        I took it to be representative of the connection between people through cultural energy. I say this bc the dance movements and sounds,  and overall composition of the peice related to all 4 artist’s heritage.  But also just fun and beautiful!

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          That sounds pretty cool. Where do you live that you have access to things like this?

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      This is really engaging, makes me wonder what’s going on here. B&W conversion looks very good too!

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        Lynne Guenther



        Look up, I posted in response to rob wood regarding what’s going on 😉

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Love the shot and it works great in black and white. Looks like a fine art photograph Lynne 🙂

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      Nice shot Lynne , looks and sounds like a lovely event.

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