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      tom dinning

      This is my second attempt at this, so if you have seen the first, ignore it.
      This week has been interesting to say the least. In spite of some gremlins in the system, there have been some gret photogrpahs posted.
      For those who attempted the concept of ‘Sharp’, there have been some interesting perspectives.
      My pick of the week is from that forum.
      Not only did @rsjackson express the concept admirably but she did so with the finesse of the fine photographer she is.

      Her photograph of the agave (I think) uses the compositional elements of visual contrast to bring out the detail in this plant and to express the ‘sharpness’ in form and detail. In the tradition of the photographers of the 1930’s she has used the detail in the subject to produce a highly descriptive yet aethetically interpretive image. The detail across the grey scale shows considerable technical adeptness as well. I’m not often subjective about images but this one, I think, is beautiful. And I’m not easily pleased.
      If you haven’t seen the rest of renee’s images on her website, stop what you are doing right now and have a look.

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