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      Viraj Nagar

      How good, bad or Wow is the image ?
      Is the photographer too small in the picture ?
      Should I crop in close so the silhouette of the photographer is bigger and lose the foreground ?

      Photographer on the edge by Viraj Nagar on Light Stalking

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      John Thompson

      Ok I will jump in here. I look at this image and say to myself that I like it but it needs something. My problem is I cannot figure out what. Perhaps you are correct and crop out the foreground. But that is some of the most interesting portions of the pic. The rippled sand and the colors down low. If you crop that out it will look more like a panorama. Maybe that is the problem. We don’t see the photographer well enough to add some wow to this. Let’s see what others think.

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      Please don’t lose the foreground, the ripples in the sand and the gradient in the water really add to the image. I think you’ve nailed the composition, but I do think you could improve this image by lifting the shadows a bit, pulling back the highlights and cranking up the contrast to give it some more “pop”.

      Great shot though, wish it was mine. 🙂

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      Audrey Smith

      I think this is a wonderful image except for one thing: the photographer on the left is bisected by the horizon line. You placed them as a distant silhouetted subject, but the silhouette is interfered with by the horizon. Love the colors, love the composition, but maybe if you lowered your camera to raise them above the horizon, so they stand out without losing the symmetry or ripples in the foreground.

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      Its a wonderful image – and foreground ripples, beautiful horizon. Don’t crop the foreground and yes I feel had the photographer been a bigger part of the image, it would make it a much more interesting and wonderful image but I know these expectations exclude each other.

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