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      I think that a layer of snow on tree branches or bushes is quite beautiful, but my pictures tend to be flat or, if I increase the contrast, stark rather than beautiful. I like how the picture below turned out, but it’s very different (just a single cluster). Do you have any advice generally or on the picture below?

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      Well Brad, for the last 50+ years I have not seen much snow, because of where I now live.  So others may well give better advice than me.  However, whilst, normally in my photos I am reducing the highlights, I venture that, in this particular instance, you should try increasing the highlights.

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      Sanjeev Nanda

      Very edgy. Your understanding of contrast is amazing. I however, am inclined to agree with @mistyile – Highlight could be improved, so could the focus on silhouette recognition.  I am critical, only because I really liked this photograph.

      ~Sanjeev Nanda

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      Kent DuFault

      I really like this as well. It almost has the appearance of being a piece of jewelry. I don’t think I would change a thing. Print it and hang it up.

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      Beautifully edited! However, when I click to see it in full size, it looks somewhat pixelated to me, I’m not sure why.

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      I understand you as asking for snow photos in general.
      They tend to be underexposed, as the camera tend to choose the white snow as neutral grey. It can vary with light how much you will add to the aperture. I often start with one full stop up and adjust if some areas are blown out in the highlights.
      Then it is the play in the lightroom. Tweeking the highlights down, and even the white up a bitt – but very carefully. Dehaze and texture can also help, but with very light hand.

      Shadow in snow

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